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RedFox is a Logistics service provider with its headquarters in Kochi and is well networked throughout India. The company offers services in air freight, ocean freight, customs clearance, forwarding and door-to-door services.

RedFox is a logistics wing of “Group Mukkadan”, a firm that took a visionary step in 1947 to address the logistic requirements of companies choosing to setup

About Us

Company Overview
Setting Standards

There are two ways in going about being a frontrunner; you either set a benchmark or just shadow one till you assume the position of a leader. At RedFox we believe in setting and redefining the standard of Logistics service providing. It is this sort of thinking, over the years, has separated us from those who simply choose to follow.

RedFox is a Logistics service provider with its headquarters in Kochi and is well networked throughout India. The company offers services in air freight, ocean freight, customs clearance, forwarding and door-to-door services.

Through our well-established tie-ups with main-liners and worldwide agent network we have been able to render fast and reliable services to all our clients. Our well-qualified responsive team of experts with deep industry knowledge has allowed many of our clients to effectively meet their transportation service needs.

66 years of Excellence

RedFox is a logistics wing of “Group Mukkadan”, a firm that took a visionary step in 1947 to addressing the logistical requirements of companies choosing to setup or upgrade operations within Kerala. Today, group Mukkadan celebrates over 66 years of service excellence and has grown to render its services to companies across the country as well.

Three specific traits has led to this success; Reliability, Rapidity & Affordability. Traits, which group Mukkadan have today become synonymous with. From clearing & forwarding, warehousing, to warehouse management, transportation & administration, through to distribution, supply chain logistics, plantations and hotels, we take care of it all.

Group Mukkadan has successfully served companies such as Asian Paints, Yamaha Motors, Mahindra Two wheelers, Tata Batteries, Haier Appliances, AKAI, Godrej & Boyce Ltd etc. After more than 66 years and serving a number of clients, one thing is for certain, Group Mukkadan and its units have not stopped pushing to bettering itself. We have instituted quality procedures and continuous improvement processes to our daily working program, which has increased customer satisfaction and employee accountability and performance.

The group has over 300000 sqft of commercial space in Kerala and 300 persons employed in various capacities ranging from administrative staff, marketing, logistics & finance personnel, to a very active and energetic labor force.

Group Milestones
Steady Growth Pattern

Group Mukkadan is a logistics brand built from the ground-up. Below is a milestone depicting our historical highlights between 1947 – 2013. Our management and our staff over the years have helped redefine the various logistics activities by breaking new ground in quick and dependable logistics advice and enhancing performance for our clients. We have experienced a steady growth pattern the last 66 years and that in itself is a stronghold of dependence.

The group provides comprehensive warehousing solutions across the state of Kerala through its subsidiary Caspian Warehousing Pvt Ltd and it is also into prestigious housing projects under its subsidiary Style De Vie Projects Pvt. Ltd. Adding to its already stellar repute of transportation and warehousing services, the group now brings in freight forwarding in the form of RedFox Pvt Ltd, making it an end-to-end logistics service provider.

Mission, Vision & Values
A Service Partner with just the vision to take you forward

Mission – We aim to provide quality freight forwarding services that go beyond expectations while maintaining high levels of transparency. We strive to mold our services to be completely customer-centric, by meeting customer specific needs or expansion plans.

Vision – We envisage ourselves to be a leading brand in freight forwarding services and build a brand loyalty through our core traits of business; Reliability, Rapidity & Affordability.

Values – Stewardship - The management’s efforts embodies its urge for the development of our organization and its employees by continuous improvement in its performance, building trust among stakeholders, employee welfare and high quality service to its customers.

Business Ethics - Our organization believes in ensuring best of business ethics and conduct by bringing in transparency to clients & stakeholders, exhibiting corporate social responsibility and developing best work practices in its operations

The Employees - We believe in our indiscriminative approach to all our employees and our strive is to develop a strong ethical workforce by providing best work places, continuous training, developing accountability, Employee orientation , fair compensation and also by encouraging responsible personal conduct & corporate citizenship.

The Clients - Our clients are our assets and our actions are aligned to deliver a high quality, valuable and satisfying service to our customers. Our objective is to enable clients to scale new heights in their performances and also to develop and sustain the long standing relationship by augmenting our standards and deliverables.

Our Operational Excellence
Building ourselves within a culture of excellence

RedFox borrows its culture of excellence from its parent company “Group Mukkadan”. The group has approached every day with one single thought process “Outstanding service results in repeat customers”. This service is shown through our meticulous handling of customer requirements and a keen eye for details so that no information is overlooked. Each individual who make up the RedFox team believes in themselves and in their capability to execute logistics orders with accountability and preciseness.

This sense of excellence is seen right throughout the organization; from the management desk to the loading room, thorough to each agent we choose to partner with to execute our client requests. We focus on continuous improvement with quarterly audit meets with our managers across the country and development programs that help managers, leads and support staff focus on bettering themselves at what they do for the company.

Chairman’s Message

Contract logistics and Freight forwarding has been an industry that has witnessed a steady growth over the years. India is an emerging new market and one that is recognized by many customers a profitable trade lane. With over a decade of experience in transport, warehouse and forwarding, Group Mukkadan was poised to seize the opportunity to play a role within this emerging market.

“A strong contract logistics and freight forwarding arm” that’s how customers view us; this means that, just an option of transport or warehousing would not allow us to get very far. Our clients have come to expect more; they want services that would add more value to their business, cut down on the time to market.

So it was crucial for our management that our services offered, was to be one that could be incorporated within our business model, one that called to work with deep expertise and one that allows our operations and process to be bettered with IT. That is what we have done.

We seek to build a strong and controlling presence in India and our work within Kerala is just the beginning. Our capability to respond swiftly is the result of our focus on excellence in operation and productivity. We will continue to strive to better our customer services through IT driven process management and applications that allow us to provide our customers complete visibility of the supply chain.

We are well prepared to tackle any challenge that is in front of us and we can do that with utmost optimism because of the trust you have in us. On behalf of everyone at RedFox, I would like to express our appreciation on your support.

Thomas Chacko

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